Many people use their firestick or other streaming devices to watch youtube videos, however many times the video will not load, buffer (stop and wait), or crash.

To fix these problems simply follow this step by step guide.

Clear your cache and cookie datas before you begin.

Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Installed Applications Find Plex and clear the cache and data (if any applies)

Under youtube clear your browser’s data (browser will work after this step but may or may not load videos correctly, depending on whether it was related to the incorrect video player.)

Restart your device/firestick – Wait a minute or two. Try to load a video and it should play correctly

Disable any extensions, plugins, or add-ons you have installed for your browser

Close your web browser Clear your cache and cookie data Restart your device/firestick

Open the Web Browser again Delete any cookies, extensions, plugins you have just installed Open a New Tab Try to load a video and it should play correctly.

Update your flash player

Go to Remember the location you saved it to clear your saved data

Delete any browser plugins or extensions of Flash player that don’t work

Try loading a video, if it still does not load then disable flash player and continue with steps 4-7

(Re)install flash player Go back to Enable the “Allow sites to run Flash” option on this page

Open a new tab Try loading a video, if it still does not load then disable flash player again and continue with steps 4-7

Change the quality of the video you are trying to watch in the settings of your browser

Look for an option in your browser that says “video quality”

Make sure it is set on 720p or higher Try loading a video, if it still does not load then change the option to 480p and continue with steps 4-7

Install adblocker on your device

Add this to the settings:

Ensure that you activate adblocking and also select “all the above” options Save the file and restart your device

Try loading a video, if it still does not load then add all of these sites listed below (one at a time) and restart your device after adding each:

What is a fire stick?

A firestick is a small device that plugs into hdmi port on the back of hdtv sets.

It allows people to watch online content such as movies, tv shows, live broadcasts and more.

With quick streaming media players like amazon firestick people are able to easily access these services with an internet connection .

These devices allow users to access a wide array of content they cannot find on traditional television.

People have been exploring new ways to watch online content using firestick devices from the comfort of their homes.

However, one problem encountered by several users is how to fix youtube video not loading or crashing problems.

Why is youtube not working on my fire stick

Can’t load or play youtube videos on firestick?

The problem may be with your device itself. Similar issues have been reported by users who use fire hd, chromecast and other similar devices.

Youtube is one of the most popular video content streaming websites in the world which makes it an ideal target for hackers.

Hackers break into accounts, steal data and even manipulate video thumbnails to spread malware.

Their actions have been reported as the reason why certain youtube videos can’t be viewed on firestick devices.


Youtube videos not loading on amazon firestick might be because of the website itself or device.

The problem can also originate from other sources such as incompatible devices and extensions, plugins, add-ons and faulty flash player plugin.

Users of fire stick devices should make sure they disable any such buggy components before trying to load a youtube video again

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